Dana Simmons is a professional audio engineer and technology consultant and dabbles in instrument invention, synthesizer construction and other experimental music and technology related projects. Here he rambles about his recent projects and such.

Summer In Hotlanta: Time to live it up

2014 has been the most busy year for me to date. Working on The Originals has been extremely demanding on my schedule. Almost all of my hobbies and interests have been put on hold.

Trail-Blazing the Silver Comet

For anyone who doesn't know, there is a trail outside of Atlanta called the Silver Comet. It's a six foot wide paved trail that runs from Smyrna to the Georgia-Alabama state line (60miles). It is built ontop of an abandoned rail road line, which means it is relatively flat as far as walking/biking paths go.

Antique Adventures: Scott Antique Market

The weather is starting to transition into Spring around Atlanta. After so much cold, ice, and gloom during the winter, the populous of Atlanta has been blessed with several gloriously warm and sunny weekends.

Winter Storms in Atlanta

It's been cold, wet and Icy this month in Atlanta. Storms have shut down the city twice so far for multiple days. Hopefully spring will be on it's way soon.

Wireless Serial Data with XBee

At work we us a large system of warning lights and bells to signal when we are recording. The lights and bells keep noisy people and equipment out of the studio. Surprisingly no body has created a wireless solution for controlling such a system.

New years starter kit

This year has been a great one. I've been fortunate enough to travel around the world and see some incredible sights. It's funny that the more one travels the more one really appreciates wherever it is you call home. This year I was away from home for the Thanksgiving holiday. So I'm very thankful to be amongst family for Christmas.


Flying High in November

I'm about to embark on a trip around the world. Maybe not literaly around the world, but pretty close. As part of a documentary (Imba Means Sing) I've been helping to make, I'll be flying to Ireland to document African Children's Choir #39 trip back home to Uganda. Choir #39 has been on tour the past 18 months. The kids have traveled all over The U.S. and Canada and are now on their way home through The U.K.

Taig Leadscrew Pt. 2

It's been a busy month in September. I started a new show that has a ton of night work. But I have pretty much completed my taig lead screw.

Building a leadscrew for the Lathe

I bought a Taig hobby lathe earlier this year. It is awesome, a great machine. It doesn't have a lead screw for cutting threads though.

Quad copter build


Quad copters have come a long way in the past years. With the rising popularity of microprocessor kits like the arduino, it is now very simple to control an otherwise complex vehicle. Control gets even more simple when using community developed software like Aeroquad. Aeroquad is a purpose built software that handles flight control and balancing of a multi-rotor aircraft. It even has plugins for gps navigation and wireless video!! How cool is that!



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