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Big Sky Country

After a busy summer it was time for some serious rest and recuperation. I was able to take off to Montana and spend some time with the girl friend touring around Bozeman, and eventually Yellow Stone National Park.

What a fantastic trip. The pictures I brought back can't begin to capture the huge amount of scenery I witnessed.

Sounds of the Civil War

This past weekend was the 148th anniversary of the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain. Live history demonstrations of all shapes were on display at the Kennesaw Mountain state park in North Georgia.

Summertime Field Recording

Summer is in full swing here in Georgia. The pleasantly mild nights and evenings of summer make for perfect conditions for night time field recording.

Family time = Video Time

I am convinced that my family could have their own tv show. Well over the Easter holiday I helped my dad to work on his VW Beetle, and what do you know, he ended up hosting his own How To video.

View from the Office

The weather is warming up in Georgia, and with the warmer weather comes a wave of production that will continue through the summer. While my NDA prevents me from saying much about this little movie, here is a glimpse of our backyard picnic location this past week.

Cart Upgrades continue with hinged monitor mounts

Bit by bit all the pieces for mixer cart v.2 are coming together. When comparing the virtual drawing of this cart with how it is actually coming together, it is really quite staggering how well these pieces are fitting together.

A storm rolls through the suburbs

I've become interested in recording the sound of rain here lately. My inspiration is mostly due to the timely discovery of this article [Sonic Fields Blog] describing the unique challenges involved with recording rain. it seems to be an abundant sound since the winter months in Georgia tend to come with lots of rainy days.

Preping for showtime. November Coffee House @ AFUMC

I've been spending some time prepping my new O1V console for running Front of House at this month's Coffee House outreach event at Alpharetta's First United Methodist. With four full sets of covers, with a revolving door of musicians, it can be a bit of a handful to keep things moving and sounding top notch.

A/V over Cat5, modern miracles

In an ongoing effort to reduce the amount of cables on set, and to add more functionality to my rig. I decided to try out using Cat5 cable as a means to distribute audio and video feeds while on location. MuxLab makes a series of passive boxes that take various combinations of composite video, component video, and analog audio and combines them into a single Cat5 cable. The setup pictured bellow transmits two video feeds and two audio feeds over cat5.

AES 131 here I come.

Guess who is going to the AES 131st in NYC this October! This guy! I'm looking forward to sitting in on some of the awesome panel discussions that are planned. I also plan to stop by the Zaxcom booth to speak with the reps about release of their new product, Nomad. Stay tuned for pictures and updates.


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