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DIY Condenser Electret Mic

For recording enthusiasts and diyers everywhere, there is DiyCondenserMics.com.


Ubuntu Server 8.04 Install: From USB Drive

Installing Ubuntu from a flash drive has become increasingly simple. Now that 9.04 includes the usb-creator program (System-->Administration-->Create a USB startup disk) it is a piece of cake to create a bootable usb flash drive to install from. However,

Location Re-Location

Latest Build: Sound Lab Mini Synthesizer

I recently got around to building a project I've been longing to try for quite a while now. I ran across Ray Wilson's website: Music from Outer Space. The Sound Lab imeadtiatley cought my attention.
In my search for a suitable enclosure I ran across a K-NEX box in a thrift store, complete with bags of K-NEX pieces, gears and wheels, perfect for front panel knobs. For $3, this case and collection of knobs blows the typical $30 tab for pre-fab eclosures and molded plastic knobs out of the water.

Picture of the day, Guess what it is.

Just a bit from my latest project.

New Years Resolution: Removable Media Backup

Removable and portable media, I've found, is one of the toughest things to make consistent backup copies of. After all, there is really no way to predict when and/or where my multitude of drives will be plugged in. Which led me to a simple solution, back them up when they are plugged in.

In the past, I've used rsync to make backups on a regular basis (using cron jobs). I devised a similar scheme to backup removable media.

Arduino Control Voltage: Rough Code

I've worked a little more on the Arduino Control Voltage. The processing code bellow takes midi input from any midi device, reads the note and velocity information and then spits it back out over the USB Serial connection to the Arduino board. It's a roundabout convoluted way of getting midi information (midi being a serial data stream to begin with), I hope to get a direct midi input wired up soon.
Arduino PWM to CV out circuit


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