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First revision: Arduino Control Voltage

The recent holiday brought into my possession a shiny new Arduino Duemilanove board, my first real project with it? Control Voltage output to control my self titled Uranus synthesizer (based on the Voice of Saturn synth). In any case, after a couple long nights I cam up with the sketch bellow, I've tested it and it seems to work with a little adjustment from the pot on the output.

Got boxes? Got Drums!

Inspiration often strikes in peculiar ways, lately, I was struck to bang on random resonant packaging materials and record the sounds they make. I assembled them into a hydrogen drum kit [download drumkit][Broken link now fixed] and composed a simple little percussion piece to demonstrate. Hurray for percussion!

Check out the Waxy Ear myspace and listen to the resulting BoxJar Jam song

Studio Production Pics

Some random pics from a recent video production shoot:

Remix your favorite tunes

Ever wanted to remix Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody? Or maybe you have some killer guitar you want to add to some of Nine Inch Nails' songs? With a little creative googleing that is very possible. Collections of raw takes from The Beatles to Marvin Gaye are available for your remixing pleasure. There is even a website dedicated to Nine Inch Nail remixes [NINRemixes.com]. I've included some screenshots of my Killer Queen remixing below.

Truecrypt release for OS X

Arguably the most popular disk encryption tools has now been updated with an OS X (intell and ppc) version, solving the problem of having to fuss with different programs and formats to get disk encryption to work through multiple operating systems. If you aren't already using truecrypt to protect your sensitive information, you no longer have any excuse because now you can protect it and take it with you where ever you're hacking heart desires.



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