Beginings of a Sound Cart

Over the course of 2010, I accumulated some new gear for the various projects that I worked on. There's the stereo recorder I picked up for the 5d/7d shoots. Then extra wireless systems for larger dialog scenes. Then of course, the 16 channel interface for reality gigs.

This past month, I assessed this growing collection and realized that I had the beginnings of a production sound cart. Over the holidays I set about building the foundation for a real, road ready, mobile recording cart.

The first step was a set of wheels. There is a very wide variety of folding, and custom designed carts out there, an option for every budget level, small to extra large. I found a good solution for my needs, the Rock N' Roller folding cart. Which fits in my Jetta quite well.

The second step was to get some racks and start installing gear. That was the easy part. This past week I ran some preliminary tests of the whole rig and was quite pleased with the portability and flexibility of the whole thing. The first revision can be seen in the attached photo.