Cart Upgrades continue with hinged monitor mounts

Bit by bit all the pieces for mixer cart v.2 are coming together. When comparing the virtual drawing of this cart with how it is actually coming together, it is really quite staggering how well these pieces are fitting together.

The shelf for the 01v mixer had to be turned upside down in order to accommodate. I rearranged the shelf for the Nomad and the Traveler for better line of sight. But aside from these adjustments all is according to plan.

What I am most excited about though, is how well the hinge mounted monitor works! Instead of ocupying three or four rack spaces with mounted monitors, the hinge mounts I made allow the monitors to fit inside the rack lid when closed, and when open, the monitors swing out for viewing. This design allows the whole rack to shrink down and still manage to fit in my VW Jetta !!