Catching up with old friends

This past July I got to visit Theo, a great friend of mine who I haven't seen in quite some time now. Theo and his family opened up their home in Nassau, Bahamas to me for a week, and what an amazing time we had.

Theo lives in an area called Love Beach located on the west side of Nassau, literally across the street from the beach. Morning strolls to the ocean to catch some sun became part of my morning ritual. Love beach is far enough outside the downtown sector of Nassau to keep the regular tourists away. The coast is very calm and it's easy to find a private spot to relax without being bothered others.

Over the course of the week Theo and I toured around the island, enjoying his favorite foods, meeting his family and friends, and making a few of my own. His lovely girlfriend even prepared a home cooked meal of rice and peas for us.

The Bahamas celebrates its independence in July, much like the U.S. My trip happened to coincide with the last days of the celebrations. Incredible music in the street every night, great food and lights, followed up with tons of dancing and good times. I count myself as incredibly lucky to have been able to participate and celebrate with so many wonderful people. Thank you Theo, and thank you Nassau!