Day One: New gig, new blog

I just started an internship at the Atlanta local, Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB) station. I'll be working in the production department for the producers of Georgia Traveler.Georgia Traveler is a weekly half hour series, airing on Georgia Public Broadcasting that explores all corners of Georgia! Every episode hosts Kat Carney, Rickey Bevington, and David Zelski take you on a variety of journeys.I'll be helping the crew to keep track of schedules, create call sheets, and prep gear before shoots. On set, i'll be helping in many other capacities such as, lighting, sound, even camera!As part of my internship, I am required to keep a journal of my experiences, hence the blog. So along the way I'll be posting pictures and videos of my experiences both off and on location of Georgia Traveler. It's sure to be an exciting journey!