Happy Holidays Ringing in the new year with target practice

Over the holidays, the male members of the family get together for some quality bonding time while the girls go out shopping. This year, us guys got together for a little target practice. Between my father and brother in-law, we have quite a collection of fire arms.

When I heard the plans to get out and fire some rounds, I jumped at the opportunity to capture some new sound effects. I got to use some of my new microphones (sennheiser shotguns and a studio projects B3). I setup a simple x/y stereo mic (AT825) and a Mid-Side setup to capture sounds at 50ft, and 120ft.

I ran all the mics into my Motu Travler and used Boom Recorder to record multichanel bwf files of all the sounds, labeling for the various guns that we used.

Mid Side mic setup behind a wind screenFront view of Mid-Side setup in the field X-Y stereo mic behind a wind screenClose up of the AT825 stereo mic in the field