Preping for showtime. November Coffee House @ AFUMC

I've been spending some time prepping my new O1V console for running Front of House at this month's Coffee House outreach event at Alpharetta's First United Methodist. With four full sets of covers, with a revolving door of musicians, it can be a bit of a handful to keep things moving and sounding top notch.

In the past the Allen and Heath GL2400 has done a bang up job with handling the track counts, but keeping up with eq settings and effect changes to pull off the cover tunes has always proved a bit challenging. So this year I'm putting the 01v up to bat with a full list of custom preset effects, eq, and rough mixes for each song, a simple task with the the scene memory bank.

So if you find yourself in North Atlanta on November 11th, come on by Alpharetta's First United Methodist for some good music and free Starbucks coffee.