Quad copter build

Quad copters have come a long way in the past years. With the rising popularity of microprocessor kits like the arduino, it is now very simple to control an otherwise complex vehicle. Control gets even more simple when using community developed software like Aeroquad. Aeroquad is a purpose built software that handles flight control and balancing of a multi-rotor aircraft. It even has plugins for gps navigation and wireless video!! How cool is that!


I orderd some motors and speed controls from China, picked up a remote control system from my local hobby store, and set to work building a frame. Here are some pictures detailing some of the build.



I wanted to try and build as solid a fram as posible. so instead of using four separate legs for the motor mounts, I wanted to try and join two solid legs with a notched joint in the middle to maintain a solid frame.

Here are some photos of the build process so far.