Trail-Blazing the Silver Comet

For anyone who doesn't know, there is a trail outside of Atlanta called the Silver Comet. It's a six foot wide paved trail that runs from Smyrna to the Georgia-Alabama state line (60miles). It is built ontop of an abandoned rail road line, which means it is relatively flat as far as walking/biking paths go.

If you have spoken to me in the past month then you probably know that I've been getting ready to attempt to ride the entirety of the Silver Comet on my bike. Well I set out this past week. And boy what an adventure.

I was prepared for the long steady ride of 50 plus miles. I had planned to make it just past the state line and stay overnight in a local Holiday Inn Express that was close to the trail head. What I wasn't prepared for was 5 miles of intense hills on my old, heavy, and baggage laden bicycle. The rough terrain is just towards the beginning of the last leg of the trail: between Rockmart and Cedartown(the last stop before the state line).

I struggled up the hills in the heat of an evening Georgia sun. I coasted in to downtown Cedartown around 4:30 in the evening and headed straight for the local hotel. I resigned myself to turning around in the morning. I wouldn't make it to the state line on this trip, but there will be a next time.