Latest Build: Sound Lab Mini Synthesizer

I recently got around to building a project I've been longing to try for quite a while now. I ran across Ray Wilson's website: Music from Outer Space. The Sound Lab imeadtiatley cought my attention.
In my search for a suitable enclosure I ran across a K-NEX box in a thrift store, complete with bags of K-NEX pieces, gears and wheels, perfect for front panel knobs. For $3, this case and collection of knobs blows the typical $30 tab for pre-fab eclosures and molded plastic knobs out of the water.

I've included some of my build pictures. Hope you enjoy, samples coming soon.

I've been planning this build for a while and last week, I finally had everything I needed to get started.

The P.C. board, almost complete.

Inside view of the case. This is barely half the amount of wires in the finished product.

Preliminary tests of the oscillators, working well!

The box, with pots mounted, switches coming soon.