Boom Buddy: Integrated boom cable system

With a little downtime this past week. I started a project I've been putting off for a long time. Building an integrated, light weight and functional cable/comm system for my boom ops.

Now, I won't pretend to be the first person to think of this. Remote Audio has produced a product identical to this for many years. In fact this project of mine is completely compatible with the old BoomBox v1. This "Boom Buddy" uses the same connections and pinout.

Field Recording: "Wheres the Library"

The UPS gods delivered My Sony stereo recorder in the mail today. I am one excited soundie.

I threw some AA batteries in, tossed on the windscreen and went out to do my first field recordings with the D50. And what was my first adventure?

I attached my fresh new toy to my bike via a spring clamp and went off rocketing down the residential streets in search of something interesting (and to make a deposit in the bank to cover the purchase)

Summer Travels

As the summer heats up, I find myself traveling to more remote work. All this work means that I'll be getting my Zaxcom Nomad sooner than I expected, possibly I'll have one of the first run devices. The scene pictured here is becoming more and more common as my travels continue.

5.1 Surround in Reaper 4

This is a quick post, it's been busy lately. Which is good. The highlight of my time as of late has been having the opportunity to explore the realm of surround sound. I've long been wanting of a means to experience, and create surround mixes, and I finally pushed myself to get it setup. With the maturing of the DAW software Reaper, surround really becomes accessible. The attached screen grab is an overview of a 5.1 session I've been working on for a short film called Breaking Ground, that I helped to create earlier this year.

Fun with motion graphics

One of the best things about working with sound as a creative medium, is that sound is often perceived alongside visual images. This marriage opens up a whole world of possibilities when taking into account today's myriad of computer aided image creation tools. During some free time over the past weeks I've had a blast exploring several of these tools. Including After Effects (visual compositing and 2D design software), and Blender (3D design software and rendering engine) Some of my favorite excerpts are included bellow.

Simon Says Aniversary Demo Reel

Surprising as it may seem, today marks the three year anniversary of my first Simon Says blog post back in 2008. The topic back then? TrueCrypt on OS X. My how things have changed.

So, in the spirit of change, progress, and all that jazz, I've created a short demo reel to highlight some of my work from over the years, some even as far back as 2008. You can check it out at

On the set: Swift Justice

As Georgia Traveler gears up for the 2011 production season, I found myself in the GPB studios and stumbled onto the set of Swift Justice with Nancy Grace. I got to sit backstage during taping and witnessed some real heart wrenching, and somewhat comedic stories. Being there in person brought an entirely new reality to the situations.

Winter Hiatus

The winter storm that has struck Atlanta this week has delayed the Georgia Traveler's shoot dates that were scheduled for this week. The snow and ice is melting, but its a slow go, two days after the storm struck, highways are still closed due to accidents and many smaller side roads remain covered in ice.

In the mean time, enjoy this photo of the snow covered landscape in my neck of the woods.

Happy Holidays Ringing in the new year with target practice

Over the holidays, the male members of the family get together for some quality bonding time while the girls go out shopping. This year, us guys got together for a little target practice. Between my father and brother in-law, we have quite a collection of fire arms.

When I heard the plans to get out and fire some rounds, I jumped at the opportunity to capture some new sound effects. I got to use some of my new microphones (sennheiser shotguns and a studio projects B3). I setup a simple x/y stereo mic (AT825) and a Mid-Side setup to capture sounds at 50ft, and 120ft.

Beginings of a Sound Cart

Over the course of 2010, I accumulated some new gear for the various projects that I worked on. There's the stereo recorder I picked up for the 5d/7d shoots. Then extra wireless systems for larger dialog scenes. Then of course, the 16 channel interface for reality gigs.

This past month, I assessed this growing collection and realized that I had the beginnings of a production sound cart. Over the holidays I set about building the foundation for a real, road ready, mobile recording cart.


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